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Coments about CD AUREA 2009

Geoffrey Keezer, Hugo Alcázar & Sofia Rei Koutsovitis live in San Diego, CA. Available only on, Geoffrey Keezer's new Afro-Peruvian/Argentinian folkloric jazz project, ÁUREA. Participate in the making of the CD via ArtistShare®

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by ArtistShare cortesy.

"Aurea is brilliant mix of Afro rhythms, South American folk songs and great jazz colorings making it a tasty full of flavors musical romp. For the recording Keezer invited Peruvian percussion master Hugo Alcazar to join him. He had met Hugo while on tour and was very impressed with his musicianship. Essiet Okon Essiet, a Nigerian born bassist residing in New York was also invited along with a couple of master sax men with bright futures - Steve Wilson and Ron Blake."

"Short, pithy review: Pianist Geoffrey Keezer's latest CD Aurea is excellent. It grooves like crazy in new (Afro-Peruvian) ways and stirs the emotions, especially when the spellbinding Argentinian singer Sofia Rei Koutsovitis is featured. Keezer is a harmonic monster and virtuosic spinner of long lines, but everything he plays is essential and tasty."
By phum Thu, Jul 2 2009

"Frissons, anyone? For me, they're guaranteed when Koutsovitis sings on Aurea and when Keezer and percussionist Hugo Alcazar on the CD bring La Nostalgiosa home. On the disc, this song is dressed up with flute and guitar, and indeed, there are some elaborate arranging successes by Keezer in addition to simpler fare. Overall, the music brims with sounds that are by turns new, deep, stirring and funky. Pressed for a single adjective, I'd call it: beautiful."
By phum Thu, Jul 2 2009

"Back to Aurea, which prompts happy thoughts... The disc's opener, the Keezer composition Cayendo para Arriba, does exactly what a lead-off tune should do, signalling its key elements -- rich, intriguing grooving, ear-catching melodies, vivid, detailed arrangements, a multitude of voices, and bad-ass piano-playing. Really, it's got it all, thanks to stops-out playing by Keezer, alto saxophonist Steve Wilson, bassist Essiet Okun Essiet, drummer Jon Wikan and the disc's indispensable Peruvian percussionist Hugo Alcazar. If you're a detail person, the track, like the rest of the disc, reveals new pleasures on subsequent listens. If you just want the music to wash over you, Cayendo para Arriba will do that again and again too."
By phum Thu, Jul 2 2009

"Firstly, the Peruvian percussionist, Hugo Alcázar brings a wild, yet sophisticated reading of both, Keezer’s as well as the Latin standards and traditional songs."

by Danava

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