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The Latin Jazz Corner : Best Latin Jazz Drum Kit Player of 2008: Hugo Alcazar - english & español

Hugo Alcázar ganador a la nominación como mejor baterista del año 2008 según "The Latin Jazz Corner" - Best Latin Jazz of 2008 por su participación difundiendo los ritmos afro-peruanos en el último CD Nuevo Mundo - Gabriel Alegria Jazz Sextet.

La votación se realizó del 1 al 23 de diciembre, La votación fue por la categoria Drum Kit Player of the Year 2008.

Today’s results include a couple of new categories to the Best of the Year Awards - Large Ensemble Album of the Year and Brazilian Jazz Album of the Year. The Latin Jazz world is expanding, and that was readily apparent in 2008. A couple of outstanding albums rose to represent these categories, getting them off to a good start. So check out our results for Drum Kit Player, Large Ensemble Album, and Brazilian Jazz Album - enjoy!

Best Latin Jazz Drum Kit Player of 2008: Hugo Alcazar
Peruvian Drummer Hugo Alcazar has been on the forefront of the mixture between jazz and traditional Peruvian music, combining his extensive experience with both styles. He grew up in Lima, Peru, jumping into drum studies at the young age of seven. He began his professional career by the time he was 19, and moved right into the National Conservatory of Music.

At the same time, Alcazar maintained a focus upon traditional Peruvian music, studying cajon with Juan “Cotito” Medrano, Leonardo “Gigio” Parodi and Freddy “Huevito” Lobatón. In Peru, Alcazar has recorded extensively with Latin Jazz flautist Cesar Peredo, taking part in the 1999 release Despertando, the 2000 recording Pensamento, the 2004 album Cosas de Negro, and the 2007 release Mas Calientes Que Nunca.

The word of Alcazar’s talents has spread, and he has performed with a number of jazz musicians from the States, both in Peru and abroad. The list of musicians that have utilized his talents include the Maria Schneider Orchestra, Bobby Shew, Ingrid Jensen, Mark Levine, and Geoffrey Keezer.

His work with trumpeter Gabriel Alegria’s Afro-Peruvian Jazz Sextet has really allowed Alcazar to spread his talents on a world stage. His playing on Alegria’s 2008 release Nuevo Mundo effortlessly moves between burning swing and intensive Afro-Peruvian rhythms, showing the natural relation between the two styles. As the group prepares for a 2009 tour, we’ll hope to hear more fantastic playing from Alcazar!

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Anonymous said...

Hugo, amigo ! Qué merecido tienes ese premio que has ganado como el mejor baterista en The jazz corner!
Pones en alto el nombre de tu país y nos llenas de orgullo a tus compatriotas y colegas.
Sigue así. Te deseo lo mejor para este 2009 que has comenzado por la puerta grande.
Cecilia Alessandra

Unknown said...

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