Monday, May 5, 2008

The Aurea CD Project - Geoffrey Keezer

Group: Geoffrey Keezer, Ron Blake, Steve Wilson, Essiet Essiet, Jon Wikan, Sofia Koutsovitis, Mike Moreno and Hugo Alcazar.

Follow along with Geoffrey through ArtistShare as he writes three new compositions to complete his new CD (Delivered in December 2008) with his band ÁUREA
See sketches of the new compositions as they unfold and hear clips from the first rehearsals through to the final recording session
Learn how Geoffrey got interested in Afro-Peruvian music and hear how this relates to his new compositions and the recording of the ÁUREA CD .

Be credited on the ÁUREA CD for helping make this recording possible
Greetings! Welcome to my brand new musical adventure called ÁUREA. After nearly 20 years (yikes!) in the jazz piano and composing business, I can say with complete confidence and enthusiasm that I've never been as excited about making a new CD as am about this one! As a participant, you'll get an exclusive pass to experience the completion of this significant recording as my special guest. Through this project you will gain exclusive insight into my creative process, and a window into the wonderful, crazy world of making music with a band of international all-stars!

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