Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hugo Alcazar participate in the International Percussion Festival in Rosario - Argentina - August 2010

International Percussion Festival of Rosario


Teachers and groups invited

* Hugo Alcazar (Peru): Afro-Peruvian percussion and jazz. Nominated for a Grammy Awards 2010.
* Gerardo Salazar (Chile): Percussion Symphony. Soloist Symphony Orchestra of Chile.
* Fernando Rocha (Brazil): Contemporary Percussion, electro. Percussion Professor Federal University of Minas Gerais.
* Mullieris (Sgo. Del Estero, Argentina): vocal and percussion quartet.
* Hannibal Raspo Borzone and Esteban (Cordoba, Argentina): marimba and violin duo. Cordoba Symphony Orchestra Soloists.
* Mark Headbutt (Bs As, Argentina): Marimba, vibraphone, composition. Symphonic Band of Buenos Aires city.
* Guarnieri Augusto Perez (La Plata, Argentina): Education / Percussion - Author of the Method "Africa in the classroom"
* Carlo Seminara (Rosario, Argentina) Afro-Latin percussion and electronics. CieloRazzo percussionist.
* Sebastian Mamet (Rosario, Argentina): Drums, jazz, latin. Professor School of Music of Rosario. Mutasapo drummer.
* Jack Horst (Rosario, Argentina): composition. UNR School of Music Professor and Faculty Provincial de Rosario.
* School Percussion Ensemble Orchestra Ludueña (Rosario, Argentina), Director: Mara Torres, Laura Alarcón

About the Festival

The International Percussion Festival of Rosario is designed both for musicians and the general public, working from different areas / approaches through the following instances:

* Participatory Spaces: Workshops, lectures, seminars, master classes.
* Areas of exposure: clinical, concerts, lectures, exhibitions of instruments.
* Releases: works commissioned especially for the Festival.

Thus, the Festival will support the development and growth of Percussion in Rosario and Argentina, through:

* The dissemination and access to methods, techniques and schools, innovative visions, allowing enrichment of the percussionists and educators
* The exchange between artists from different countries, cultures and languages percussive
* The development of the field of construction of instruments in Rosario and Argentina
* The possibility of giving the public access to the wide variety of music made with percussion.

The International Percussion Festival of Rosario covers the following topics or areas:

* Different leguajes of Percussion: symphony or academic, popular, drums
* Space pedagogical schools, orchestras, musical institutions. Concepts, roles, objectives of each party. Reflection, exchange of ideas
* The art work in different contexts from traditional to the most innovative or cutting-edge
* The importance of working with the body in the art of percussion. Techniques which give the drummer for healthy development tools and fluid activity.

We hope you enjoy the most of this great experience!
Group Organizer: Laura Alarcon, Emiliano Figge, Virginia Mantini, Julian Ribero, Bruno Rositter, Thomas Pagura, Mara Torres

Sunday 15/08
9:00 to 13 pm
Clinics, Workshops, Master classes, conferences
19 to 22:30 pm

* Borzone and Esteban Hannibal Raspo
* Fernando Rocha
* Hugo Alcázar

Monday 16/08
9-13 hours / 16-18 hours
Clinics, Workshops, Master classes, conferences
19 to 22:30 pm

* Gerardo Salazar
* Mark Headbutt
* Carlo Seminara


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